Reference One speakers – magical Musical experience

The NCS Audio Reference One mk3 speakers provide a true musical experience that will make you feel like you are sitting in a concert hall. Every instruments sounds as clear and detailed as the artist originally envisioned. Enjoy the performance as it should be with the NCS Audio Reference One high-end loudspeakers!

“I have never heard such a natural and truly present vocal on any machine… The whole sound, with any music, is balanced, calm, analog, perfect in all ranges. Thanks for the experience!” Miklós S.

“The system easily gave me the WOW feeling in details, presence, space, depth… special thanks to the airy soft present bass.” Attila Cs.

– standing wave-free reflex loudspeaker
– 28-25000 Hz (-3dB) frequency response
– 150 watts power per side
– ultra-low distortion American reference drivers
– short signal-path, phase-coherent crossover
– 5 year warranty
– 25+ years of experience


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Don’t settle for mediocre sound!
Try the NCS Audio Reference One speakers and experience the real Music!

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More information/demo: +36(30)912 2234 – The Sound of Music

The Reference One mk3 loudspeaker demo ended with great success

The visitors were able to experience that this excellent loudspeaker is capable of an impressive, uncompromising performance in any musical genre.

The repertoire included Kraftwerk, Metallica, Bach D-Mol Toccata, Dire Straits, Anette Askwik, etc. Despite the wide range, there was always astonishment or a smile on the faces, and some even commented that he enjoyed listening to music on this speaker that was not too close to his taste before.

“The presentation was a real musical experience, in exceptionally kind and professional company. It was goosebumps as it presented each basic opus, you just enjoy it and smile”

5 stars – Istvan O. from Facebook

To appoint a listening session please call +36 30 912 2234

Special thanks to the Impressivia team to make place and professional support to this great event!

NCS Audio 5 Years Warranty

We are confident about the quality and durability of each of our products therefore we offer 5 Years Warranty in the future for all NCS Audio products.

With the protection of the extended warranty period, You can enjoy the quality of the NCS Audio products for a longer period with peace of mind.

Reference One Loudspeakers at Impressivia

We are proud that Impressivia has decided to put our Reference One loudspeakers to their product portfolio, and happily offer them to their Customers!

Impressivia is a Budapest-based High-End Audio showroom. They are as passionate about the quality reproduction of Music as we do at NCS Audio. Their mission is

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Warsaw Audio Video Show 2019

NCS Audio demonstrated in a comparison with an MBL monitor, how good and musical sounding is our Reference One loudspeaker. We had very positive feedback like:

“Best sound in the Hotel”

We are invited to the Axpona (USA) and to the North West Audio Show (UK). Stuart Smith from HiFi Pig and Michael Fremer also visited us. Special thanks to all for the cooperation, support!


Listening to Music is a right, not a privilege!

Audiophile music lovers like to listen to their favorites in perfect sound quality. This is a higher level of musical enjoyment. You can feel yourself in the time and place where the recording was made. The sound is lifelike, rich in detail and delightful. Audio equipment disappears, only Music remains. The advantage of High-End Audio is to create a connection in time and space between you and your favorite Musicians. Unfortunately, high-end audio equipments are not affordable for all audiophiles.

NCS Audio offers you uncompromising sound at an unprecedented price level, based on 20 years of research experience, using the latest technology and innovative solutions, but never compromising sound quality.

Scalford Audio Show 2017

„Sound Of The Show”

…as the people said. The first public contest of our system was a great success. More than 40 exhibitors in the UK’s biggest Hi-Fi enthusiasts show. Our room had been constantly full from the beginning to the end. The organizers highlighted only three rooms, including ours in their review:

„This was a cracking room. I/we stayed and returned and spread the word”, Nigel/TheFlash

We have got many positive feedbacks from our visitors too, as:

„The Best Sound” and „Product Of The Show”.