Van Damme Studio Speaker Cable

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Custom made directional Ultra Pure Monocrystal OFC loudspeaker cable can rival with “big boys”- Stereo pair (2 pcs)

This cable is a shotgun shaped speaker cable. It can be found in many professional environments, in particular the 6.00 mm² speaker cables are used for critical near field monitoring in many world class recording and mastering studios. It is also the speaker cable of choice for more high end hi-fi equipment manufacturer.

Conductor thickness: 6 mm2 * 2 / channel
Resistance: 0.0033 ohms / m
Connectors: 24k gold plated BFA copper, 4 mm
Soldering: WBT 4% silver content
Burn in period: ca. 200 hours

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1 m (3 feet), 10 m (30 feet), 2 m (6 feet), 5 m (15 feet), Lenght