Reference Interconnect

Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) conductors offer the best price-performance amongst the audiophile conductors. Unfortunately, OFC cables show noticeable problems mostly on the top and bottom end of the audible frequencies (20 Hz – 20.000 Hz) by their resistance and losses. The resolution has been limited by the purity grade of the material too.

The brilliant resolution with our Reference Interconnect cable is guaranteed by the top purity OFC conductor developed to fulfill even the strictest laboratory measurement standards.

The Silver plating helps to extend the transferable frequency range far above the human hearing by significantly reducing the impedance and by creating one of the lowest loss audio cable of the market (0.014 Ohms/m)!

A Teflon isolation prevents high-frequency losses by blocking the leakage of the Electrons between the conductor strands. Combining these three materials leads to a compromise-free audio cable, with beautiful sound abilities on an unprecedented value.

The NCS Audio Reference Interconnect cable has a flexible, shielded-coaxial structure, therefore the audio signal is always protected against the outer RF noise, generated by mobile phones and wireless devices and keeping the audio signal extremely clean by eliminating interferences. To provide the best synergy, we equipped it with an also Teflon isolated, Gold plated RCA connectors, soldered with the top-quality audiophile silver solder. The direction of the cable is marked with red and black color, to always deliver its top performance in your system.


Connectorsgold plated, teflon RCA
Cableultra pure Silver Plated Oxygen Free Copper (SPOFC)
InsulationTeflon (PTFE)
Temperature -65/+200 (°C)
Max Voltage 600 V AC
Test Voltage 3,400 V AC
Resistance 0.014 Ohms/m
Lenghts 0,8 m (custom lenghts are available on request)

Prices from 249.- EUR

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