Reference One

The Reference One loudspeaker is able to conjure an entire jazz band or even a symphonic orchestra into your living room or home studio. The frequency and dynamic range are so wide, that any instrument and music genre can be played effortlessly with no compromise. The specially designed standing-wave free cabinet and the phase-coherent crossover are perfectly matched to these world-class drivers to create a realistic, transparent and masterfully balanced sound.

The high definition pair-matched drivers, the acoustically separated and direct-wired (no PCB used) high-end crossover and the precision tuning deliver exceptional details, coherence and breathtaking separation in the whole audio range. Therefore the speakers can transfer not only the emotional content of your recordings, but the original mood and acoustical environment as well. You can feel yourself right where the recording has been made.

Our invention, the “direct-coupled reflex box” creates, articulated and deep bass down to 28Hz! The low range is perfectly free of discolourations and perfectly controlled. That makes the Reference One able to communicate the differences between different bass guitars too and perfectly position bass range instruments too in its 3D sound stage. The forward-radiating port is responsible for the phase correct bass- and mid-range radiation which makes the cabinet less picky to the room acoustics and placement than conventional designs.

Conventional loudspeakers suffers both from phase issues as well. During the design process of Reference One, we were paying special attention to this very important phenomena. All the frequency ranges appeared in the Music at the same time should arrive to the listener at the same moment. This precision has been realized in the aura-like appearance of the singer’s voice, the deviceless natural sound, and in the representation of the lifelike, room filling 3D sound stage, which are the privileges only of the World’s finest loudspeakers.


Demo Video – 24bit/48kHz HD Audio

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  • High-End Audio
  • Record Mastering
  • Studio Monitoring
  • Audiophile Home Cinema
  • Research
  • Education

Standard Versions

  • Matte lacquer


  • Premium Capacitor Package (Alumen Z-Cap, Duelund etc.)
  • WBT Connectors
  • High Gloss / Piano Lacquer
  • Real Wood Veneer of Your Choice
  • More Colors And Exotic Veneers are also Available on Request
  • Magnetic Protection Grill

Technical Specifications

Cabinet2 way direct coupled bass reflex - standingwave free braced construction
Feetsmall footprint hardened plinth with adjustable spikes
Tweeter 1” reference silk dome with wide-dispersion protective grille
Woofer 8” reference anodized aluminium with solid phase plug and low loss rubber surround
Connectors gold plated, bi-wireable
Impedance 8 Ohms (min. 6.2 Ohms/500 Hz)
Sensitivity 88 dB W/m
Frequency Response 28–25,000 Hz (-3dB)
Dimensions (H/W/D) 1050/350/300 mm (with plinth and spikes)
Recommended Amplifier Power 20-160 W
Weight20 Kgs/each