NCS Audio YouTube channel

We are happy to announce that we have updated our YouTube channel with 24-bit/48kHz studio-quality videos:

With high-quality headphones or a reference audio system, you can appreciate the excellent sound quality of our speakers. If you like the videos please click “like” and subscribe to our channel!

However, even the outstanding video quality cannot fully capture the experience, so we invite all interested parties to join us for a personal demonstration. For more information and registration,
please call: +36(30)912 2234

Reference One speakers – magical Music experience

The NCS Audio Reference One mk3 speakers provide a true musical experience that will make you feel like you are sitting in a concert hall. Every instrument sounds as clear and detailed as the artist originally envisioned. Enjoy the true performance with the NCS Audio Reference One high-end loudspeaker!

“I have never heard such a natural and truly present vocal on any machine… The whole sound, with any music, is balanced, calm, analog, perfect in all ranges. Thanks for the experience!” Miklós S.

“The system easily gave me the WOW feeling in details, presence, space, depth. Special thanks for the airy, soft bass.” Attila Cs.

visitor’s favourite in a row at three international exhibitions
✅ standingwave free, braced cabinet
✅ phase coherent crossover, shortest possible signal path
✅ ultra low distortion reference drivers form USA
✅ 150 watts per channel, 28-25000 Hz (-3dB)
✅ 5 years warranty, 25+ years of experience
✅ FREE shipping in the EU

The new Reference One mk3 loudspeaker demo ended with great success

The visitors were able to experience that this excellent loudspeaker is capable of an impressive, uncompromising performance in any musical genre.

The repertoire included Kraftwerk, Metallica, Bach D-Mol Toccata, Dire Straits, Anette Askwik, etc. Despite the wide selection, there was always astonishment or a smile on the faces. Some visitors even commented, that they enjoy those musics too on this speaker that was not too close to their taste before.

“The presentation was a real musical experience, in exceptionally kind and professional company. It was goosebumps as it presented each basic opus, you just enjoy it and smile”

5 stars – Istvan O. from Facebook

To appoint a listening session please call +36 30 912 2234

NCS Audio 5 Years Warranty

We are confident about the quality and durability of each of our products therefore we offer 5 Years Warranty in the future for all NCS Audio products.

With the protection of the extended warranty period, You can enjoy the quality of the NCS Audio products for a longer period with peace of mind.