Duelund Inside

Duelund is a well known name in High-End Audio. Their capacitors deliver sonic performance and are the World’s best nowadays!

The new range offers amazing soundstage, resolution and unparalleled value amongst the best High-End capacitors. That is the reason why we’ve decided to use this excellent component to offer the best possible sound to You, but not changing the price tag!

Enjoy the adorable, intimate presentation and rediscover your music collection with our Reference One loudspeaker armed with Duelund capacitors since now!


Listening Music is a right, not a privilege!

Audiophile Music Lovers likes to listen their Favourites in perfect sound quality. This is a higher level of music enjoyment. You can feel yourself right in time and place where the recording was made. The sound is lifelike, well detailed and delightful. The audio equipments totally dissapears, only the Music remains. This is the advantage of High-End Audio, is able to create connection throught time and space between You and your favourite Musician.

Unfortunately High-End Audio devices are not affordable for many Audiophile Music Lovers worldwide. NCS Audio offers uncompromised sound for You on a price have never seen before, based on the experience of 20 years research, using the latest technology and innovative solutions, but never compromising the sound quality.

Scalford Audio Show 2017

„Sound Of The Show”

…as the people said. The first public contest of our system was a great success. More than 40 exhibitors in the UK’s biggest Hi-Fi enthusiasts show. Our room was constantly full from the beginning to the end. The organizers highlighted only three rooms, including ours in their review:

„This was a cracking room. I/we stayed and returned and spread the word”, Nigel/TheFlash


We have got many positive feedbacks from our visitors too, as: „The Best Sound” and „Product Of The Show”.