NCS Audio 5 Years Warranty

We are confident about the quality and durability of each of our products therefore we offer 5 Years Warranty in the future for all NCS Audio products.

With the protection of the extended warranty period, You can enjoy the quality of the NCS Audio products for a longer period with peace of mind.

NCS Audio has got more than 100.000 visits

We have scored more than 100.000 visits on the NCS Audio’s website!

Thank You to all the Customers, Partners and Visitors for your interest, support and your trust!

That means the essential fuel in the future to us to continue our way by creating amazing loudspeakers at an amazing value.

Norbert Csere – lead designer and owner

Reference One Loudspeakers at Impressivia

We are proud that Impressivia has decided to put our Reference One loudspeakers to their product portfolio, and happily offer them to their Customers!

Impressivia is a Budapest-based High-End Audio showroom. They are as passionate about the quality reproduction of Music as we do at NCS Audio. Their mission is

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Listening to Music is a right, not a privilege!

Audiophile Music Lovers like to listen to their Favourites in perfect sound quality. This is a higher level of music enjoyment. You can feel right in the time and place where the recording was made. The sound is lifelike, well-detailed, and delightful. The audio equipment disappears, only the Music remains. This is the advantage of High-End Audio, can create a connection through time and space between You and your favorite Musician. Unfortunately, High-End Audio devices are not affordable for many Audiophile Music Lovers worldwide.

NCS Audio offers uncompromised sound for You at a price have never seen before, based on the experience of 20 years of research, using the latest technology and innovative solutions, but never compromising the sound quality.

AV Trend And HiFi Show Budapest 2017

It was a great show. Many visitors, new connections and friends. Many said:

„The Best Sound”

Thanks for the interest and Guillaume Chalaron (RootMasterSound) for the cooperation. Special thanks to Tamás Kulcsár and the Gauss Audio for their support.